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a fond & festive memory of days ahead…

December 25, 2011

is exactly where my mind is leading me and with it along the way comes the heartening echoes of loving laughter and the endlessly happy smiles of loved ones new and old alike – in a season of merriment and restoration i find myself with a greater and far deeper feeling of what it means to have the blessing of this life we all live in – there are many fine souls that seem to come and go from our lives yet they all help bring us to the highest and most fulfilled versions of who we’re meant to be – it certainly seems to me for 1 that we’re being perfected one golden thread at a time and when we notice that we become truly alive – we all step onto the greatest stage of our lives every day whether we realize it or not yet what’s beautiful is that we’re also given the grace to be the gift we can be to the world when we’re really aware – and being really aware, truly aware, let’s say deeply aware means revealing our strength our weakness and our ‘ok-ness’ if you will –  for when we do god smiles upon us all that much the more yielding all the wonder and good of the world to complement our strength, guiding our uneasy and painstaking steps with all of the ease and love only he can give to carry us through and lift us up and beyond our weaknesses and raising just the right amount of added light to the ‘ok’ in us so as to equip us with yet another newly found strengthgod has it in him to do this for us all if we’ll only let him – i for 1 am more grateful than i can ever say in words to finally see the way of the world when it’s all about love – the folly for me’s been the silly idea i’ve had for the longest time that i can figure it all out – ha! – that’s the part from germany that for me just doesn’t work whereas the lightness that’s taken over my heart from the most spirited of the centuries of irish and italian celebration has finally won gifting me with the endless ability to smile from the soul and say thank you for it all – this has been a christmas gift in the making for all the years of my life and with open eyes and the softest of hearts i’ve finally been able to receive it – and it’s ecstasy – i’ve come to feel christmas is awaiting in us all every day of our lives if we’ll only let it shine – for when we do all the best in our hearts will surely be met with all of the greatest god and the world will deliver in an instant and throughout a lifetime – truly love the love in your life and you will have all the dreams of your heart – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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