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i am music…

December 29, 2011


as it’s in every fabric and fiber of who i am how i am and what i am – it’s the machine that runs with the perfect pitch of a pinged-up diablo of the lamborghini fashion – it’s the space i strive to stay in all throughout every day with the variety and the rhythm of the kings – yes it’s that high of a flight that when i’m on it i’m in it – and when i’m in it i am it – have you ever heard a word or felt a sound that’s so exceptionally you that you all at once get taken away as swift as the wind is fanciful when there’s no other care in your world? – ahhh now that’s just really nice – music’s the way you walk and it’s the way you talk – it’s the feeling as if all is right in the world of you and always has been – time has no beginning and just the same an end in sight’s every bit as unreal as the trees dancing on their limbs when there’s a sound as elegant as that of perfect music – driving about on a rock’n’roll joyride with 3 of the 4 nephews just yesterday morning was just such a moment that’ll forever be layered into my very soul of what creates happiness in me – we set off early for a visit to the coffee shop then set in for a grand drive all about the rolling and winding hills of spooky hollow and indian hill – it was rush on high from 2112 to permanent waves to hold your fire and for the 10 12 and 15 year-olds at my side it was an hour of wonder driven by the thunder of composition at it’s finest and most furious – it was fantastic for us all – that’s the feeling life’s waiting to give us at every turn we decide to select it – imagine the 3 kids and not a 1 of them even alive at the most recent of these 3 records coming about all the way back in 1988 yet they were all captivated – open the door on the rhythm in you, turn it up to loud and live exactly who you are – for when you do you’ll shine and the entire world will love you for it – set the sound of your soul on 11, dance the gift you’ve been given and you do us all a favor – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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