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in the wheelhouse of the angels…

January 16, 2012


…is right were we can find our way into if we just have the sight in our mind of letting in just a little light from above – you know as in ‘shine a little love on my life and let me see’ a la elo which has meant i’ve finally opened my mind asked for and received from above the way of the world that we cannot see and at the same time can almost literally write into existence – it’s astoundingly overwhelming to finally begin to step into the crystal clear reality of what we’ve simply decided to have off of the menu of our personally designed life – it’s an upliftingly elevated feeling in the heart and soul that’s beyond description in fact the meager and magical mind’s even left in wonder – where this mindset and understanding’s already taken me this year leaves me in brilliant anticipation for what each new hour and each new day holds for me as i’ve decided it shall be – this is what we’ve always heard of – this is what i’ve always yearned for and wrongly chased – this is there for us all – this is now here for me – this is living, it really truly is – rigid thinking and directing traffic’s and easy pattern to fall into when that’s what you were stamped out of as it was for me yet it doesn’t have to be for 1 second longer than when you finally wake up and see your life feel the world and understand the beauty of unseen reality that changes all for the better the instant you understand how and simply select itfighting against the current’s the folly of tenacity while focused drifting along with the flow takes you to exactly where you desire to be – as yes once sang ‘it can happen to you it can happen to me it can happen to everyone eventually’ – my time has arrived and it’s a brilliant new daily reality with a horizon of unending gratitude grace and abundantly loving energy one wish after the next – come on board and finally feel all of god’s promise fulfillment and elegance that’s always been inside of you – after all what else could you possibly want? – live alive and be the inspiration – wishing you vision feeling having and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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