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channel 1’s where it’s at, you on it?…

February 8, 2012


it’s been 33 days and counting of an entirely grander stage to where i’ve stepped onto and there’s no hook stealing me back this time – these are the days of the happier life – they’re really here and it’s all right there on channel 1 – got that one in the lineup? – for me it’s the only channel i watch and it creams everything else hands down – where do you sign up you say? – ahhhh now that’s simple and for some perilously difficult – it all depends on 3 little things – how you carry yourself what you think and feel and exactly what you say – ever stand back and look at yourself? – you know kind of just hover slightly above yourself and see what the rest of the world sees? – like it? – love it? – you should and you better, your very life depends on it – i’ve learned this over a period of time as life and a decision’s lifted me into a brilliant new level of awareness and reality as if an alternate light from god’s there just for me showing me blessings i’ve been missing and new blessings alike – this is an amazing world to live inside of – everything’s crystallizing like it never has before – it’s that elegance& ease we’re all searching for and it really is real, really – as for channel 1 that’s where it all happens so don’t stray into let alone live in channel 2 – that’s no good in no way unless you ‘think’ you’ve got god figured out and out-maneuvered at that – trust me you surely don’t – when we can manage to truly understand what it means to be in the flow all the while knowing why you are here and even further knowing what’s inside you and why you absolutely must share it with the whole wide world well then you’ve arrived and no one will need to tell you – you’ll feel a surety of bliss with a vivid picture of what is to be in your life purely from the decision you’ve made and the flowing images you’ve attached to it that’ll lead your mind to your own personal valhalla – yes it’s that good – living with endless gratitude giving and loving energy for all you can see and even just think of is an astonishing way to live your life each day – i dare you to try it – for me i’m feeling inspiration sincerity warmth harmony and laughter like i never have before and it’s all in the steps of god’s grand plan for me – you and he have one for you as well – just trust yourself – so it’s all again down to simply what we decide and declare will be with the speed of god and the faith of generations – live your life, love like never before and discover the blessings in each and every corner of the day you’ve been given to breathe dream and truly live – wishing you vision strength wisdom and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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