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3 miles in china…

February 27, 2012

as the weather dictated my walking options yesterday morning a new perspective swept over me with a crystallizing clarity of being vanquished – maybe i got carried away yet everything i saw was as it wasn’t and instead looked back at me with hopeful haunting and sometimes smiling eyes – that’s what i saw – am i right? – is there any balance with such a vision? – that’s a question for you – whereas for me it’s a plain reality that entered my mind from elsewhere – and all at once i saw 2 countries – one in the necessary and hopefully revitalizing throws of a renaissance of sorts unlike any we’ve ever needed before and the other part of the chairman’s plan for #1 at all costs, even young kids – over here we have an option – over there not so much as the world seems to tell me – and that’s where the reality of an ever-strengthening hand’s firmly on the back of our head whispering to us ‘you can’t stop us, you can’t slow us down, you’ll never be the leader again’convenience in some respects is a wretched four-letter word when we take a breath open our eyes and listen in to what’s really being said about us and even more so what’s blazing right through the five-hole to where most of us don’t even realize we’re being scored on at will like it’s an empty-netter affair with well under 2 to go – all of this appeared all at once with one simple slogan on a rather small box with a shiny gleen and a fit and smiling face inviting you in to join the fall – sound a bit heavy? – good it should as it’s a bad thing that’s going on with us and if we don’t wake up now we’ll surely fall with a thundering slam of disgraceful apathy and probably bitch about why we can’t get a signal – for those saying ‘not now and not in my lifetime’ i applaud you, for those sitting and spinning ask yourselves what really matters you’d best smell the flowers while they’re still in front of you – otherwise lose it all – and so the world goes as i peeled off 42 mins and 3 miles out of the rain and instead through the aisles of a billion chinese eyes watching me from one aisle to the next in sam’s dream – walmart, it is what it is and for you like me it’s best you know what’s happening – friendliness & strength is where it’s at, not apathy and consignment – as pete townsend penned it quite aptly 30 plus years ago ‘all the best cowboys have chinese eyes’ – or do they? – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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