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remember to forget everything but the 2 seconds…

March 30, 2012


you’re living in otherwise risk missing out on it all – after all there’s no way of actually knowing exactly where you’re headed so i say live it up with a smile and a kiss for life as it’s as precious as it gets when we’re really living fully alive – and that means to me seeing it all hearing it all feeling it all and being the blessing you know’s the very reason god’s got you here – inspiration sincerity warmth the sweet space of musical dreaming and laughter – that’s it those are my 5 – i had a clear vision at 1 time in a place once far far away – the beauty of life is that because i strayed so far from who i am my angels gently and carefully took over in recent days and months to where i’m ever so close to living it up fully to god’s greatest design – now i live inside my gifts and an ever-enlightening era of purposeful steps are where my feet are gliding me about to these days – it’s amazing when you truly feel heavy j working it all out for you – yes i’m by all means still every bit as flawed and mistaken as the next person yet those moments are lesser and lighter and in their place are times of wonderful serendipity where i know exactly who’s at the wheel – when you get there you’re said to be in the flow and for the greatest stretch in my life that’s with seemingly random precision right where i’m at – it’s a gift of reality awaiting us all – i know what it took to get there and now it’s your turn – so should you want it on the plain where the angels play with the stars then simply have the sincerest of endless faith that you are right where you are for a reason and without a thought hear that whisper in your soul, it’s a voicemail straight from god that’ll guide you right into the greatest season and fruition you’ve ever felt and known in your life – share your fire with the world and be the shining light in your walk each and every day – trust me it’s an amazing place i’ve never felt in this way and i’m never going back to anything less – my hand is extended, so just reach out if you wanna come along and be the blessing – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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