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the rothian slide & the comeback kid…

April 20, 2012


swagger moxy & a stride about this way and that says it all – yet there’s the one way that’s entirely fake and then there’s the other that’s altogether inspiring – for it’s the latter that says you’re there you have it and you’re dialed into heavy j where god’s got his light beaming about you in every which way and everyone knows it – that’s the place to live inside of and to live truly alive about and that means extending yourself and giving of yourself sharing those oh so precious invaluable and unstoppable gifts he’s woven into the fabric of you – after all it’s with the most golden of threads from which he weaves and it’s up to us see it feel it give it and simply be his best – maybe it’s with an unpredictable showing that we see this and take it back in or even take it in for the very first time – for me it was just nights ago when van halen awed an arena-full (me included) with the masterful stride and vibe-leading vocal gusto of david lee roth – there’s never been anyone better at it than dlr and that says a lot having seen both the king and the chairman of the board – yet what was really exceptional was the quiet confidence and deep sense of appreciation diamond dave had for the thousands he was thrilling for the few fast & shattering hours of excellent high-test rock ‘n’ roll that went down that night – and for me a gentle reminder went off in my soul that this guy’s got god smiling a mile wide as he’s giving his all bringing an excited happiness to everyone there – and to me that’s just as cool as it gets – we all have been tapped with a special strength or 2 maybe even 3 and it’s high time if you’re not already fully there to get gettin’ as time really does fly – forget the rest and run with your vision giving it your all as you’re giving of yourself – know your audience and select it wisely – let those with indifference&petulance stumble by and keep that smile set on glowing – speak who you are and where you’re going and god will light the way along the path you’ve decided is yours to bepeace&harmony within opens you up to be the greatest blessing you will ever havesee them hear them feel them receive them and be the best you that you know is already inside – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s greatest blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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