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2700 miles to the starting line…

July 30, 2012


sometimes there’s a place when all is less than crystal clear – in fact feeling face-first stuck in the mud out in a wooded nowhere’s a landing i’ve seen before – yet thank god almighty that was only a failing figment of the sometimes feeble & paralyzingly mistaken mind – what is is actually not always what we see whereas what we can summon up to select to see is the leader of where we are going even if only we can see it – there’s a subtle deception that’ll take its stab at chaining down our awaiting happiness every chance we close our eyes – it’ll thrust parry & pierce away at what should can and needs to be our waking reality yet the lot of us won’t even realize what’s happening – it comes both in the words we let in and in the thoughts we let out – it comes in some of the family we showed up in life with and even more particularly cruelly in the friends that we actually decide to lasso around us – if we’re not already aware there’re few and far between moments in this life when even against our own will they get in – they you say? – yes they as in your angels – they’re there yet many of us turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to their amazing grace and perfecting serendipity – what’s more is that they are always there – instances when it doesn’t make sense as to what just happened to your favor are missed by the most of us as to what really just happened – we shake our head with the most confused of question marks and then we take it for granted and then the moment is gone – unless we begin to realize god’s grace as gifted through the hands of our guardians – oh and when we do trust me on this we you me all of us are in for one fascinating ride – the ride of our livesyou cannot outshine the beautiful plan god’s already written for the astonishing outline of our lives trust in faith to see what they are doing and you will see it – feel the reality that surely is unfolding to your wonderful favor and believe this dream exactly as you see it in your mind – and then sit back with your daily steps and live exactly as you already have it in your mind – find the love that loves your faith celebrates your vision joins in hand with your easy efforts and ultimately raises a glass to god and the glory of your realized vision – for these people are part of the angels work just as popular art tells us at the time of this writing they are in fact clockwork angels – life is excruciatingly confusing when we try to figure it out – know who you are share your gifts with thoughtfulness and simply smile with god – that’s it – you won – and so did the rest of us just for knowing you – and oh yeah thank you very much for you are an inspiration – live with vision walk with wisdom and love with all of god’s strength ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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