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the bringer of peace & the loneliness inside…

August 21, 2012


so that’s where it ends up time and time again – learning what i’ve always felt and feeling the frenetic and fastidious futility of it all seemingly most of the time’s nearly unbearable – putting your heart on the line as a favorite musician of mine sang so aptly so many years ago is what i was called to do – inspiration is what they call it – and nothing moves me further faster or with any greater intrinsic feeling of why god has me here than doing just that – yet no one said it would be easy did they? – well at times like these i find myself with the challenge of centuries running right on my tail giving their 2.9 cents worth whether it’s helping or not – they certainly have a rightful say in feeling the way they do yet it seems no one really appreciates the love that’s thriving inside – it’s altogether too much for too many to the point that it seems no one believes they just might have the answer – so what happens? – an intense and fantastical notion to run to the greatest and most golden of fields of unending happiness happens – here there are no people with misplaced angst nor is there any language other than the sweetest of song and the softest of smiles – the air’s at 73 degrees the sun’s glittering with perfection and a meadow of the most beautifully colored flowers unfurls an endless sight of god’s ever-so-graceful wonder – this is where i’ve returned to – this is where i feel at one – this is where you’ll find me from here forward – for the pain of my or anyone’s past is an island that is surely best left alone – i can’t help when it’s uninvited so i won’t – loneliness has subsided and most assuredly will never return again so long as i’m responsible to me and my happiness inside my heart – i am no longer an unsought-after solver – after all what could i possibly know about your walk? – after all just the same aren’t we all proud of the steps we’ve landed in life? – i mean really who is to question which ones of yours are worth repeating? – you are – right? – and you alone – so do yourself a favor instead of bristling simply run to the golden field – what the hell you can even come to mine – yet leave everyone else out of it unless you are listening for his words in others – if you’re most interested in your own like we all typically are then keep them shiny when you share them – and never run about blind and babbling but rather jump on just the right horse and have it all from a stride with ease  – and smile for you for god and for all – that’s it – wishing you vision wisdom strength and all of god’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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