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a second of a soundbite…

October 18, 2012


is all so many seem to be able see – yes “see” as in it’s all what we let in to our precious imagination – and from there the machine takes its orders with perfecting precision – we do what we see because the feeling must be right – right? – ahhh if only it were that easy but it’s not…yet in a way it really is – for it is we who have the sole self-commandeering power to drive our train exactly where we decide and not where edgy feelings will otherwise dictate – but those edgy ticked-off feelings feel so good do they not? – and they must be right because we feel them right? – no no and by the way no that is not it at all –

for in us all lies an instant filter (named the amygdala…) that decides everything we see and then often self-perilously pairs it up with sometimes deeply encrypted files in our negative memory hard-drives and voila there’s the picture in our imagination that says “bingo! these 2 match!” so you better get mad in some way shape or fashion and relive that negative memory right now! – anger, you have a right to feel this right? – resentment, they really rode you right off the rails didn’t they? – complacency, your bubble’s really realistic for all in your life isn’t it? – self-pity, self-righteousness, and so on – if it’s bad it’s bad for you most of all let alone the people in your life – it’s been discovered physiologically that when we feel these negative emotions there literally’s a release or a shot of feelgood chemicals that surge through our brains that mislead the unenlightened into the false notion that if it feels good it must be right – yet again that is very very and did i say very wrong – and self-destructive – whereas actually the chemicals get released to counter the poisonous thunderstorm we just unleashed in our delicate minds so as to wash it away with euphoria thereby bringing us back into ever so critically necessary balance – never should this be misunderstood as justification for feeling anything dark about anything or anyone –

the good news is that it’s all controlled by you – and only you – for the beauty of the imagination is that we all get to flip the slide with certainty and immediacy to whatever we want to see at any given moment and that my friends is true power money just cannot buy – see good and you will feel good as the central nervous system has to follow because thankfully and amazingly that’s how the central nervous system works physiologically-speaking – we have the ability to replace anything that is happening with an image of our own liking instead – what’s magical from there is that we cannot be mad and happy at the same time –

so where do you want to reside? – now here’s what you do – let an image or even better a complete memory soundbite-style come to mind then write it down and keep it in your pocket at all times – keep it there even once you’ve memorized your memory in just the perfect fashion – then the very next time which may be very soon that something negative attempts an invasion literally pull this little piece of paper out of your pocket and tell yourself “what’s happening here actually reminds me of the time that…” – and read your memory to yourself – watch what happens – feel how you feel in control calm and content – see what is happening? – you are now instantly becoming the master of your emotions which in turn makes you the master of your life – serenity in the middle of a fire, now that is amazing…god’s blessings for us all with vision wisdom & and the greatest of strength ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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