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my nana’s love is still with me 12 years later…

December 7, 2012


“dear gary… it seems just like yesterday you came into this world and already you’re almost 18 years old… god bless you always… take a good look around you… you have everything your heart desires plus a wonderful mother & dad… good sister and brother… also a nice nana… also a good uncle chuck that loves you… god bless you always love nana”


today i rediscovered this beautiful birthday card sent to me by the only grandmother i ever knew, nana, in november 1987 for my birthday december 1st… it’s been 25 years, a quarter century, since this love was written onto this card with a picture on front of an absolutely gorgeous what looks to be flower-lined northern california coastline scene… i feel as if i have lived several lifetimes since that day… i am more grateful by far than ever… i feel as if i finally know exactly why god put me here and it is my greatest happiness to pay forth these god-given gifts to any and all whom can be likewise further blessed… countless wonderful people have come into my life and all remain in my heart even if they may no longer be here or have gone another way… i have had absolutely countless amazing experiences and have been taught so much and again i am most grateful… so as we are in the midst of this most exceptional season when we give thanks i offer to you inspiration warmth sincerity and the greatest happiness in music & laughter… should that somehow connect with you in any way just say hello and i will give you everything i have… thank you & god bless us all ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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  1. scott campbell permalink
    December 9, 2012 2:01 am


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