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the season of reason rhapsody & light…

December 28, 2012


has been leading me on the one and only far better path since we began – it’s a time when celebration becomes the mirth&merriment we all begin to hear of – it’s the time when 2 visions begin to crystalize for us all and for some yet a third – for some it’s what’s in front of us that doesn’t beat with any rhythm of life – for some it’s the faith in his blessings in us as one and in us as all – and for others it’s a time when the absence of the other 2 especially the 2nd brings a pervading darkness that begins to systematically suffocate any feeling reason to go on – and for these beautiful souls ricocheting about with perilously paralyzing speed and abandon we must all lift up our hearts cast forth our hands and speak clearly our healing words for them –

many of us are further blessed in the knowing in every golden thread of our hearts that god’s there every step of our way should we only be at peace enough to hear him – and with this is a path of mysteriously and wonderfully ordered and assuring steps that take us ever so steadily to right where we need to be with exacting precision – his love’s even more apparent when we’re in stride with the blessings he’s placed in us from the beginning – and then there’re the first people who may remember at moments and with “convenience” that he is what makes us and everything wonderfully possible – many of us in many of our moments and for many a long stretch of time live with a faded if not almost forgotten understanding of the loving strength and fulfilling life that he has ready for us every day should we only open our eyes – and for them they instead see all the things of want that corruptively corner and quiet their souls step by step inch by inch and then heartbreakingly so breath by breath – yet these people when they truly quiet their minds are able to realize when and how to change the channel to god’s way – and then my friends there are those souls that are nearly lost if not on a fast track to nowhere – these unfortunate ones are in a pain many of us cannot even imagine and for them i have an open heart ready in every minute of my days to offer inspiration sincerity & warmth as these along with music & laughter are what god so generously filled my cup with – for these gifts i have an exceptional gratitude and an ever-increasing ability to comprehend share and heal with – at times the here & now which comes with so much deceptive darkness tries and gets the better of me yet only for moments as i am on a mission – and that mission’s to be a blessing in every way from the slightest to the greatest of positive affect – THIS is where it’s at in life for me –

so at this time of year with so much sparkling “lifecandy” bandying about as the golden ring we all should be seeking i ask that you please open your heart in closing your eyes and hearing god’s silent whisper you may never have heard before – take this surety shine your god-given light & live – live for him live for them and live your life in love – may god bless us all ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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