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is it a posit a post-it or should we simply toast it?…

February 7, 2013


everything that appears is a sign – a sign of what is and what can be should we only have our eyes open – in these past few days kids have been painted into the flowing picture i see throughout the day –

one’s a scene with 2 kids with a jovial older man at the bar at a restaurant after an outing of “wrestling theatre” let’s call it, which in many ways is a fantastic shot of youthful happiness to the soul for us all – yet it was too late for these 2 who weren’t more than 7 or 8 and the “music” that was playing was well more than objectionable – in fact it was an atmosphere that was entirely unappealing to even myself which thankfully i was quickly called away from – the positive is that when they left the man escorting them still appeared happy and relatively well within his better senses, in fact they got into a taxi as well – nonetheless these 2 preciously impressionable kids were placed into a situation they can’t possibly take in as anything positive and without any counter they will be permanently negatively affected if even just by a sliver yet the impact may be much worse –

and then the second sign just yesterday driving away from a meeting in a very nice yet “train-tracked” part of town i saw a brother & sister just off of a school bus it would seem walking by themselves for multiple blocks – these 2 couldn’t have been more than 5 & 7 at the most – what’s worse is that their are people of questionable appearance and character that pepper into the rest of that neighborhood – one such of these types wasn’t far behind the kids – i watched and then stopped to ask the kids where their mother was and they said she wasn’t far up ahead – yet what’s quite disturbing is that the kids were unaware of the salty looking man just steps behind them yet they were wary of my asking them of their well-being – and that was with me speaking softly to them all the while dressed nicely and in a very nice car at that – fortunately the man following seemed to veer away from them onto another path – today i’ll be there once again yet this time i’ll call the authorities if these 2 are by themselves – how could anyone related to them leave them out on their own thrown to the wayward wolves of the world? – what stopped me yesterday was seeing them walking towards someone that was awaiting, yet why were they several blocks away?

and then yet a 3rd sign was the blessing that awaited me in unexpectedly being able to have dinner and a visit with little Chloe – she’s my girlfriend Melanie’s daughter and she’s absolutely the cutest smartest & wittiest 10 year-old i’ve ever met – Chloe is a child yet she has an unerring way of delivering wisdom that’s clearly coming straight from God – i never knew the steady presence of the love from and for a child as i now do in the past year+ and having been quite the fortunate soul to have already had so many amazing experiences in my life as well as an immeasurable wealth of love from so many wonderful people nothing has ever been better than the blessing that is Chloe –

so i share these experiences as they came to me in 3 signs from God in simply saying that as the title questions the narrative answers “yes, the love that all children are is all three – a posit in that it’s right to assume their is nothing better in life – a post-it as in they should stand-out as a reminder of this love in every one of our waking moments especially at times when they are not right at our sides – and thirdly we should always toast to them for they are our life’s greatest blessings as created in and through us by God” – so i say to one and all may you share in all of God’s vision wisdom & blessings well beyond anything you might ever imagine ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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