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so says Einstein and that’s just fine, anytime…

February 11, 2013


a new simplicity’s come into my life that i set forth with at the dawn of every new morning i’ve been blessed with by God – and it’s allowing me to stride right into the essence of being at one with how it all works with the finesse flow and fast delivery that only comes at what we say is godspeed – what i’ve learned that’s impressed upon me so overwhelmingly is what Albert Einstein himself focused on throughout his waking moments – and that is this: 1 letting go, 2 being flexible and thirdly hanging on loosely – all the while he kept his gaze fixed in this way he also kept a subtle awareness to avoid and be free of getting tangled up in bad habits, dysfunctional conditioning and stuckness – it’s further well worth celebrating that Albert also was always brimming with outward gratitude and grace as he was thankful for even the slightest of positives in his daily life – as well he was openly expressive of his thankfulness

so it seems to me Einstein kept the settings on his life dialed-in in many ways at just the right frequency – and that’s the frequency God’s at – keeping in mind we don’t have to search for an unseen figure to find and be at one with God and his blessings he’s already placed inside each and every one of us – and that’s because the search fastly ends within us as we realize his elegant presence in the holy spirit – for some these tenets of that which you cannot grasp in your hands may be confounding – yet once you dwell on those very same hands and realize all of the amazing things you can do with them you’ll begin to if not instantly recognize the gift that they are, the gifts you’ve been given and indeed the gift you are from God to the world – it’s all a quite splendid relationship within one’s self when we glide ever so gracefully onto this far more fulfilling plane of life as we’ve know it up to that point – for some you’re already there and shining for us all to see that we have the same destiny as we simply decide to be at one with God and at once ourselves – and for you wonderful souls i thank you for the beautiful examples you are setting for me and for the rest of us for that matter –

there is a key to life and the one as turned by the revered Albert Einstein worked perfectly – in the past many weeks i’ve been seeing feeling and living within a far greater peace and harmony than ever before – now as i open my eyes at the beginning of each new day i feel and realize i am more alive than i’ve ever been before – i’m ready to help anyone and everyone seeking to rediscover their brightest days ahead from their blessings that have been hidden within all along – so i say thank you and please take me where you will God –

wishing you the vision to be completely captivated with your blessings so you may be who God’s designed you to be, now that’s living – God bless us all ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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