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sometimes it’s simple rhymes…

February 13, 2013


like leann rimes in the summertime feelin’ fine… fine like a fine wine only done when done’s the time the time to sip it in, fold it in, fold it back, send it back… like a paddy whack, like whack is jack like jack black jack white…once twice and a third in a night not every night just a night for flight like a flight to rio like a flight with dio… dio, dido, dano like let’s book ‘em…book ‘em and cook ‘em, rack ‘em and sack ‘em so said the silly goose like a loose goose like a loose knot whatcha got maybe notta lot… then again you don’t needa lot, maybe it’s just whatcha got, whatcha got for a life, the right life like the good wife free of strife a life of splendor on the outside of the blender… being the sender the sender of good the sender of God, God’s right where it’s at, never flat and always high, high on love high on life back to the good wife, the right life, the right time, in the sunshine, never blind, just in time to live, live and give, give and love, love, just love… love to be, love for me, love for you and love for all… and that’s it… ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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