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thank you for giving me everything i’ve ever needed…

February 14, 2013


beginning with God for this wonderful life, the giving heart & and the endlessly perfect wave of loving energy that flows in through around and from me which is God & the holy spirit – residing in a body of peak health free of any malady for more than 5 years is an immeasurable gift – thank you for the enlightenment to select to see every silver lining and every golden thread in all that i see in my life every day – listening & loving unconditionally without reducing refining or resolving is simply exquisite – living lightly at Godspeed in all that i endeavor and in all that i am delivers me to everything in my vision with childlike freedom and wonder – thank you to all those who have given me this invaluably liberating gift of changing the environment to one where i truly thrive as a person who is calm, safe, secure, light, consistent, contributing, making a positive difference in all that i do all as a child of God who is loved, important, valuable and indeed very likable – it’s exceptionally enlivening to comprehend at an ever-higher level from one day to the next the blessings i’ve been given to be an inspiration with sincerity, warmth and the greatest feeling of brimming happiness from laughter and the love of music, as for me music is the gift that positively unites us all – i give myself over to the guidance of God so that he may take me where he pleases in that all that i cannot see, hear and feel in the present with awareness instantly lights up from within from the holy spirit – this leads me to everything good that i see, feel & open myself up to receive as if it’s already my life, and as it surely is already well on its way to being just as it always has been before i knew the good and the great God has always been doing for me – i feel love as never before in simply sharing these wonderful blessings with everyone in my path – i am thankful for the gift to open up others to re-discovering the beautiful blessings inside of them so that they may ascend to their best as God has always intended thereby being an invaluable blessing to all those in their lives – i pray for peace & harmony for all of my loved ones in that every golden thread in their body soul & spirit shines with God’s everlasting enlightenment, healing, happiness, laughter and love – thank you to everyone that has ever done anything loving for me – thank you for so many wonderful family, friends, neighbors and even perfect strangers that have freely given so much love to me – thank you to those who have been closest in my life for my love for you all is without measure even when in times of distress i’ve seemed oblivious, unappreciative and undeserving – your love has lifted me higher – may God bless us all to reach in to whom he has blessed us to be, reach out to all those whom he leads us to and reach up to his perfect love for all of our days forevermore ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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