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take a breath, take a deep breath…

February 16, 2013


so says the widely revered musical luminary david gilmour in song just a few years ago – and so say i as well as i continue to find the need to refine my awakening that’s been underway for 21 months running now – and the way that refinement happens comes from simply stepping back, taking a deep breath and letting go and letting God bring me right back into balance – it’s like a sudden immeasurable wave of light of everything i have been learning and taking to heart and practice comes back into my presence of mind and being with the swiftest of surety – and that’s a truly fantastic place to be –

for you see what gets me and gets us all are the intricately woven basics in how we live life (as given to us as children) sometimes leading us onto anything but a primrose path – yet as chopra & tanzi point out in the brilliant book that is “super brain” we get to lead, invent by way of, teach and use that awe-inspiring thing between our ears some call the “three-pound universe” – as a result we can receive the light that leads us to establish complete control of how we live our lives and what we can envision into our waking reality – we captain the flight that is our life with stunning fulfillment as we further find that as we come into unity with our body soul and spirit we because of God find a life that we always knew was ours yet for most never realized is there for the taking – the perfect shift happens the moment we light the pilot on each of the gifts God’s given us to make this world one of greater happiness –

we typically are already well aware of our precious God-given gifts yet from bad conditioning by way of negative people influences and choices we heartbreakingly tend to pave over our very hearts which is sadder than sad – it’s also a far faster path to a bland if not miserable life and an early demise –

thankfully i have come nearly full circle through many stops brought on by my giving into bad conditioning with no one to point the finger at but myself yet i’ve been given a blessing unlike any other to forgive myself, rediscover who i’ve always been and set my sail in the right direction for the first time in 22 years – the beauty of it is is that there’s been a myriad of experiences i’ve called work up until now and because of that my greatest gift has been singled-out unlike ever before – and that means i already know exactly the amazing life of the speaker & writer who brings laughter and happiness as this reality’s beginning to take on life ever so steadily right before my very eyes – and that’s where it’s at in the very moment we redirect our path to where we’ve always know is right –

so take a breath, take a deep breath, close your eyes and see what you know is your life that can be and begin on your way – never waver and live as if it’s all already in the palm of your hand just as you certainly always have been in God’s

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