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the freezing waves of clarity…

February 18, 2013


were an unexpected bringer of revelation this fine february morning along the wind-driven sands of atlantic beach – just barely into florida yet it seemed more like the mind envisions coastal ireland this time of year given the 40 degree temperature and the wind factor running in the 20′s – that’s simply cold wherever one may be – to me it was so cold that it was at least 25 minutes at a brisk pace before i began to feel any level of what’s typically defined as comfortable – the beauty of it was where my spirit led me to lead my mind and that was unlike possibly anything ever before  – and with a set of shall we say options & opportunities that have dressed my days in these recent weeks to the calgon degree (remember?), this was critically perfect timing –

because what happened was more freeing than i previously new how to bring about on my own – as we all can and will fall victim to when our mind begins to reel we come to a place where fight or flight seem the only 2 ways and actually they really are – yet the fight is rarely if ever necessary even though it’s always prodded on before we discover the true mastery we hold over our own lives when we go with God – however in between fighting like a third-rate prizefighter and the discovery of the power of giving up any fight and setting our dials at Godspeed we literally at times can tear ourselves apart – and even at this very time when the rest of the world sleeps i was awakened early at 4am and in mistakenly beginning to fight it my mind began to reel once again as if it somehow made sense that all the solutions were there for the taking – “yeak k sure!” as my uncle jerry’d say, ha! – fortunately what did work was realizing i can simply select to laser-in on what makes me happy and set adrift and away from me anything less – well, that’s exactly what the gifting wind did for me sunday morning – to me it was so cold that i couldn’t think of anything other than the cold yet the natural beauty of the wind-whipped waves and the glimmering sun cascading about off of them as far as the eye could see sent me straight into a very happy place and from there my mind followed with elegance –

and for the rest of the way a perfect plan seemingly created itself with what and where my writing is headed with 3 very specific endeavors, 2 of which are already very well underway and yet a third that’s just been given life – and for this clarity unlike any i have had before i am exceptionally grateful – so what i’ve learned is either by way of an extreme element in surrounding us or much better by way of our making a swift and sweeping positive decision in the face of a reeling mind we greatly gain – for me with both came a smile of sweet certainty – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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