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the loss of life…

February 21, 2013


was crushing to my very soul & spirit yet again 2 mornings ago as some may have already read with my last writing of our gentle giant cat we called Comet – hope was such for many viable reasons that his medical attention would restore him as it had just days earlier yet this time it was to no avail – the beautiful little fella was trying his hardest to stay with us fighting to feel good again yet apparently the cancer that had so unfairly invaded him very quickly became such that he couldn’t lead himself to feed any further – it’s a blessing to be able to have had the wonderful care he was given just as Dancer was at Christmastime and likewise it was invaluable to be able to be there with him every step of the way to give him every ounce of love we possibly could –

and then there’s the moment when we realize we have to help him on to a peaceful rest just as i imagine most including myself would want if the quality of life had been diminished to an unending misery – i missed being there when i was in and barely out of my college years for the 2 fantastic dogs we had in my youth, Frosty & Annie – and i regret not being there for them, i was far too immature – whereas when we had occasion to ease Blitzen’s pain when she was nearly 18 3 years ago i was at once very upset at her moving on and just the same i was immeasurably touched to be there holding her and lovingly gazing in her eyes to let her know once again how grateful i was for the love she gave us – i know in my heart of hearts that she is up there in heaven to this very day with a very clear image of me looking at her with unending love –

i had absolutely no reason to feel 2 short months ago that such a dispiriting saga was about to unravel my foundation yet again and now to a complete loss of what had been my life just a few years ago with Rena onto another path and our 3 loving cats, los tres gatos, on up into heaven –

love is everything and love may be lost from one moment to the next in the way we select to lead our lives day by day – it’s in our thoughts, it’s in our feelings, it’s in what we do and don’t say and in what we do or do not do just the same – i for one have always been in the light of my greatest blessing to love and be unlimitedly passionate – however for most of my years misunderstood and unrecognized emotions buried within from what is best left in the unbalanced part of my adolescence created entirely unnecessary fear-driven drama at times – thankfully from much surely needed enlightenment i can now see with calm resolve and thereby steer clear of the lost ways of the past as i get ever so closer to stepping lightly and certainly onto my path that i once knew when i was unaffected by the wayward and now have arrived at so gratifyingly once again –

so what it is in life especially at moments like 2 mornings ago which is etched into me with everlasting serenity is love – have love for each and every perfectly essential breath by which we live life – love every moment even the moments that many see as discord and instead see feel and receive them all as good as no matter what it is will most assuredly with the guiding holy spirit lead you ever-higher connecting even that kind of experience to your ultimately being an even greater blessing to those in your world – see it all as and with love and you will find love will lead you in perfect peace – wishing you vision, wisdom and all of God’s blessings ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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