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the sweet simplicity in the sunday of life…

February 24, 2013


is something i had all but lost the meaning of until just this year from a myriad of distracting and offsetting paintings i’d steadily allowed to become the gallery of my life – one day you’re rather baby-faced and free of even one crease of trial and then quite unwittingly it seems you awake the next day to gaze in the mirror and see at best a distant echo of happiness – and for many we don’t even know how that trip happened or what to do about it yet there is a way back to that perfect serenity –

the key is to see – to see a vision of exactly where you once were as a child when you really had no real obligations other than to try your best, be respectful and dream as if they’ll all come to be – this was a beautiful time in my life when i narrated the christmas play at churchville elementary, when i was the youngest one at the table and nonetheless still made everyone laugh with gusto and it was a time when i began to imagine and hear myself on a station like wmmr in philadelphia feeling even cooler than my older brother who to me was the source of all that is cool in the good sounds of high quality rock ‘n’ roll – yes this was a very very good time – and then at some point i began fading from the sound of my own inner peace and instead began listening more to all of the others older than me who’d already lost their way – and that’s the wickedly fearful and nearly fatal flaw that i for one gave into for far too long of a time –

a lot was lost yet with with the blessing of an invigorating new clarity of vision that’s always been led by God even when i wasn’t listening it’s now all coming my way once again – for what i’ve found and what i’m feeling with thanks to a simple and eloquent pastor is what sunday is and what it can be for us all with a surety of at least every seven days if not in every single minute –

sunday is a day when we give thanks to God for the wonderful father he is – on this day called sunday all across the world we’re able to find and receive messages of love and feeling resolve with a perfect clarity that in God all that is good is indeed truly possible – with sunday God gives us the gift to begin again and reset what may have run awry in our lives in that we may bring back in stride with the blessings God’s given us all – sunday’s the day where we can align our wheels to run faster than the fastest of any iron sleds that have ever been made as stepping onto the pedal that says Godspeed is always the one and only winning play in life –

so i say thank you to the fine and friendly pastor we call paul junior for in new life you help lead the way and with vim and vigor you’ve led me to receive the very same in celebrating every sunday for the beautiful and guiding gift God’s given it to us to be – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/rrf~

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