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discovering fine-tuning with feline grace…

February 27, 2013


was not where i ever felt i’d find further peace and harmony in my days yet that’s exactly how the secret to a well lived life unfolded these past 7 days – with the unexpected loss of an exceptionally loving gentle giant of a cat we called Comet just last tuesday came the swift and nearly instant addition of another loving companion whose nordic heritage had already given him the name of Thor – this one had led his days for the first 2 years under the somewhat tyrannical rule of a fellow four-legged furry viking of the feline kind named Tipper – these 2 were additions Melanie had made when she extended forth her grace in rescuing them from the shelter – they’re both the most gorgeous of cats as they come from the unique maine coon breed that’s directly descendant from the beautiful loyal and exceptionally friendly&responsive norwegian forest cat lineage – if you’ve never met one or had the pleasure of having one at your side you’re most assuredly missing out –

so with the brilliance that can only be found at godspeed came the inspiration for Thor to make his home anew with me and Aspen who is my maine coon of the same age of 2 and who also was the best of friends with Comet –

and here’s what happened – the day we unexpectedly helped Comet on to the heavens to be with Blitzen & Dancer once again Melanie blessed our pending loneliness and quite at the same time eased Thor’s pins&needles existence – so that very afternoon came Thor bounding ever so gracefully into our lives and from there my enlightenment became brighter yet –

for you see as an environment changer it’s one thing to learn the finer aspects of the tenets to a well led life and as it is in everything we endeavor in it’s yet another to add these lessons into our lives – yet it’s absolutely all well worth it as i’ve been gaining greatly from it these past 21 months –

being the one who becomes the foundation or the rock or the balance in life leads one to live with a gentle mastery over everything we see feel and receive – it means leading life at every turn as one who is calm safe & secure, as one who is light consistent & contributing and most assuredly as one who is making a positive difference as a child of God who is important valuable & likable – whom amongst us can say we’re a 10 in every one of these areas that together complete the picture of a well-balanced life? – i for one am working on it even as i still trip from time to time and sometimes day to day when i’ve drifted a bit off course yet i am a far far better and happier person than i was and i have been blessed as such because of these new guiding ways –

and then there’s Aspen & Thor – Aspen whose territory was just completely upset with the loss of Dancer in december and now Comet in february which left her feeling quite unsure of anything – and in came Thor out of his home and away from being dominated by Tipper and now being cast into a new territory with another cat who was clearly out of balance – and then it all began – Aspen growled glared and circled the intruder and Thor acted with a perfect countering serenity at every turn – Thor was relaxed respectful and consistent with an amazing elegance and ease – as the days went by static met light and ultimately the light and the love won the day and now the 2 are already well on their way to being the best of companions – we’ve all always heard that kindness kills and this wonderful new cat so fiercely named Thor showed me yet again that it really truly does – it’s the secret to life – thank you my new friend Thor – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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