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helping hiddenly & happily for the healing of it all…

March 2, 2013


is simply divine when you’ve seen the way yet it’s clearly not the way that was given to me and i dare say to the many of us – accepting faith in God’s giving light has gracefully led me to a place i never realized is the single guiding source of all that is good and it’s a place where all good is indeed possible – in saying hiddenly is the key to what’s lifted me to an ever more peaceful and fulfilling way to live – for you see me like a lot of people and even more so like most men operate under the delusion that we can and should fix everyone and everything with the women we love the most most often bearing the weight of it all – if it’s not being sought after simply and elegantly listen for the sake of listening and lovingly at that – there’s no need to refine restate or reduce any of our loved ones’ words – having said that that’s what i never realized until 22 months ago when i was unexpectedly given what began quite crushingly and ended up blossoming into a great gift of an ever increasing life of higher enlightenment awareness and happiness from within – it’s a stunning turn of events as they say –

no i’m not a prophet and yes i’ve read a tad more than half of a self-improvement book to some’s surprise and where this journey’s led me to so far is a very freeing place – it’s a place where when i stay at godspeed and realize i simply need only to select everything that will be in my life along with my gently and steadily stepping towards and into my vision God so graciously does all the rest – in fact as much as he’s gifted me with a way with words he’s also led me to gain the greater serenity in all that can be with the very same words silently as they paint what i desire to see and receive all inside of my imagination –

here my words are hidden from flowing into sound yet they have an even greater depth about them when given to my creating all the good i can lead my mind with in prayer and vision – the beauty of it all’s the quiet and reassuring confirmation that comes when we’re unwavering – i’m beginning to see every single day prayers requests and newly sought-after realities being delivered thread after thread and sometimes all at once and even more so sometimes in an instant – that’s God – it’s the most truly amazing way i’ve ever lived – even further self-designed limits, fractures of the soul and halting fear of my yesterdays are all but echoes from the long-gone past –

2 of our greater friends of humanity in Chopra & Einstein have effectively 1-2’d me with a far greater enlightenment most recently as i’ve come to awaken each day selecting to lead my mind as they do and did with flexibility, with gently caring strides and a spirit of letting go and letting God at every turn – these 3 tenets have given me such a wonderful vision of my life as led with answered prayers and an immeasurable blessing to bless the ones i love without even as much as a whisper from me –

an even greater discovery’s come in setting forth God’s healing ways from one mind to another especially with those in my life i desire so greatly to help and now can even though they may be seeing me for a season as invisible – and bringing forth God’s greater enlightenment healing happiness laughter and love to me’s the very essence of living life with an endless smile – these hidden words of healing are the most beautiful blessing you may ever discover – for with the right mind as God’s always intended we all win – so i say have faith in faith, have faith in God and have the healing happiness we all deserve – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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