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the memories of so much wonderful laughter…

March 3, 2013


take me back to a time and place when so many people, pets, get-togethers and traditions filled my days and indeed beautifully decorated my life – oh sure there was some arguing at times and some rolling of the eyes just the same yet what i remember best is how much laughter there’s always been –

i’ll never forget somewhere around 1975 out in oregon when mom’s amazingly vibrant laugh would lead me to get out of bed only to sneak partially down the stairs just far enough so i could also hear johnny carson’s monologue – how grand of a feeling – i believe that was where it all began for me stepping onto the path less traveled as the one always trying to find a way to make everyone laugh –

and then there was the time when uncle jerry first made his way to visit us in florida way back in the 80’s – i seem to recall he was so happy to be in the sunshine state as if he’d brought the sunshine here himself – and again as has so often been the tone and the tenor of our family get-togethers great laughter filled the air – thank you mom –

and then came a new tradition into our lives and we began skiing everywhere and every time we possibly could – looking back it all took life when i skied in my jeans (which is so jersey, ooh!…) on a tiny ice-covered ski bump called bittersweet – i was as giddy as a little kid just staying up on their bike for the first time – and again we shared so much laughter from the unexpected happiness of it all – thank you rena and thank you michigan for that wonderful thanksgiving so many years ago in the early 90’s –

and then the craziness that became christmas annually in loveland ohio took us all to the beginning of yet another tradition at jimmy & cheryl’s – the better part of 20 people all in one house for several days with the most wonderful homemade food you could ever desire, enough holiday drinks to quench an entire naval fleet, clashing personalities and the most wonderful blessing of all in having nana there for the first few years – the year we had the 2 feet of snow uncle jerry, jimmy and myself stacked onto a single sled and actually survived – i’ve never laughed harder or had more fun! – thank you jimmy & cheryl –

and then came a new century and with it came peaks and valleys unlike i’d ever seen before and unlike i knew how to handle and it all came crashing down as marked most emphatically by 2008 – for me the laughter nearly died for a myriad of reasons most of which was the mid-life crisis that invaded me and in turn hurt so many in my life because i wasn’t even aware of what was happening until God sent me the right teacher – and thankfully he did as without him i wouldn’t have made it through 2011 – that was the year when my world all but ended and the love of my life simply left after nearly 19 years – embers of pain and heartache still persist every day to this very day yet it’s been a great new laughter added into a critically necessary period of enlightenment that’s led me back to where it all began – and seemingly all at once has come the wonderful blessing that is my new life with the new people that have so elegantly become my new family – thank you melanie, christian & chloe –

thank you God for all of the laughter, for all of the love and for all of the creating visions that i’m thriving with once again – here’s to living life laughing all along the way – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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