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who says it is what it is?…

March 5, 2013


so say i say it is what it is as much as many of us have come to find this saying as appealing as sand in the eyes it is nonetheless one of the greater guiding tenets we can realize should we only pause for a moment – it is what it is – sounds very “captain obviousy” yet do we indeed truly realize that’s the secret to life for which we all individually hold the key? –

just yesterday i heard the true story of a man that was convinced upon speaking it out and writing it out that he was freezing to death in a refrigerated locker he became locked in to – over the course of an overnight he continued to tell himself and indeed all the rest of the world who wasn’t there that he was on his way out with death by freezing – and what they found the following morning when he was discovered as solid as ice was that he indeed had seen and spoken exactly what he was to become, frozen – what’s absolutely startling is that the locker was never turned on that evening never reaching a temperature of less than 61 degrees and yet there he was dead as a doornail, frozen as a freezee – how did this happen? –

well for many of us we’ll simply and very wrongly say “that’s just a story” yet it’s a true one – and what it says to me is how powerful our faith truly is as what we see can and does come to be and at times quite quickly and permanently – until recent times for me as in the past 22 months i would’ve said with my faith directed completely in the wrong direction “yeah, right nice story…” – not now however for now i see what i once was blind to and let me share with you that we have an amazing and endless God-given ability to not only envision what is to be but indeed to pour in the faith and have it be so – we do reap what we sow – what we focus on tends to grow – you get what you give – and to thrive is the one and only way to live as we see quite literally to select faith in the mind and man’s ways instead of God’s is not only folly yet at times it is surely an ender – so with that in mind hear yourself and hear others as we so tritely yet immensely powerfully say “it is what it is” as with how you do or don’t apply your faith thereafter will always lead you right thereso see a good there and see right there as God will have you see it and you too shall thrive live and love unlike ever before

i for one am forever grateful to finally see that all that i have dreamed of can become so and thread after thread it is – for you see i finally have 2 wonderful kids in my life for the first time – i have an exceptionally strong woman in my life who manages to receive challenge and love me all with perfecting balance and i am all the stronger for it day by day – i have gracious people finding me from all over the world just to see what i’ve written if for just a few minutes and then they actually take the time to tell me they like it – and to you all i say thank you for this beautifully redeeming and fulfilling feeling unlike any other – i have many people all across this country and to the north above who are so giving to me with their friendship, family bond and love – i have a beautiful view of fountains cascading about in a gentle dance into the lake just outside my dining room window –  i have 2 loving cats who never fail to make me feel like a king, how i love them so – and on and on and on –

i also finally have the most reassuring discovery that i am able to see and select what i like as it fits with the gifts God’s so lovingly given me and he and the world then deliver in stunning harmony – and it all began with finally hearing what’s been a clever catch phrase for what seems to be far too long yet it’s lasted just the right time for me to get it – and now i live it as it is and as it was all along right there in my mind before i realized all i had to do was let it come to me – and that’s the greatest gift of them all having God right there inside of us all ready and able to lead us with that quiet, sudden and certain whisper that is only the holy spirit – so take a deep breath, close your eyes if only briefly, see the best life you can imagine then have faith unlike ever before – and with God smiling it shall be – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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