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the life i see…

March 8, 2013


is simply stunning – i don’t know exactly when and how it’s arriving yet it is – and it has been since well before i had any idea of what was even happening – what’s so fascinating is how fast i’m seeing the pieces coming together – some of them are ever so fine – and then again some of them are well more defined than even that – for what i see for myself as i once did yet in a different light is a coming day where gatherings of wonderful people have come together seeking a lighter, happier and far more fulfilling way to live their lives and they’ve come to find that in part from what’s been gifted to me from so many amazingly enlightened, lifting and loving people – i’m exceptionally grateful for all who’ve taken my hand in recent years leading me quite literally back to my future as it once was and as it surely is painting itself into vivid reality yet again – they have come to listen to me – they have come to listen to me just as i’ve come to listen to so many others in my life and still do in earnest with God ever so gracefully guiding the way –

and in opening my heart to God’s lead has come a flowing perfection from one day to the next – my days are filled with light, with lessons and with great emerging creativity – i feel as if i’m amidst a renaissance for one that i get to share with everyone i meet –

i see the bright life with smiling faces that are full of hope – faces of lives seeking what we all do in desiring to be happy, to be right where God’s designed us to be and to be loved – beautiful people are here with their hearts wide open seeking to feel a vitality that for many’s been gone since the brightest days of their childhood – and they’re coming my way – God’s led them on a path just as i unwittingly realized he’d been leading me even as i felt so far adrift, confused and lonely at times – and it’s pure bliss to have this gift steadily unveiling itself as i finally am right where God’s always wanted me sharing inspiration with the utmost sincerity and warmth to any and all seeking that greater awareness or just to be truly happy as only comes from clearly knowing ourselves as we are in God’s eyes –

as we all have certain gifts that make us who we are, gifts that give us a guiding purpose and indeed gifts that are being sought after right this very moment by well-deserving people all over the world searching for someone just like you – someone just like you who can do what you do better than so many if not all of the rest of us and in doing so bless many lives – for this is why every single one of us is here – we all have a purpose and you know what it is yet you may be far from living it – and living it’s where God’s always known is the place i’m finally arriving at on my journey, and what a fascinating journey it’s been –

i am readier than ever with what i’ve learned at will and with what i’ve learned from being cast aside – and it’s my time to give everything i have in helping everyone i can whether it’s with one simple reflection of a lesson gained or whether it’s with all of the energy that can freely flow through me in helping someone to come all the way back to knowing who they are with a vim and a vigor unlike ever before –

from meeting a perfect stranger to a chat with a wise friend to filling with the best words of wisdom i know on what was a short time ago an empty page like this one to indeed speaking to an audience of thousands on the greatest stages across the world i have arrived, i am here and it is my honor to be of help to one and to all – to finally know without thinking exactly where my steps have arrived and just the same where they are onwardly and upwardly headed is a blessing unlike any other – and if i can help anyone to the same then i’ve certainly found a greater success than i’ve ever known before –

thank you to my many teachers, thank you for my many failings that have become blessings and most of all as with everything thank you God – may you live your days with vision, with wisdom and with God’s every blessing


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