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the shining sun inside…

March 9, 2013


is where the best of everything in life that really matters resides – it’s where the smiles all are waiting to greet the world – it’s where every happiness you’ve ever known began – it’s where your blessings all gather to find the lives they can touch – it’s where we only see the brightest and best possibilities of all that is wonderful, meaningful and loving in life – it’s an eternity within giving us serendipity as only designed by God if we only simply see, select and live it, even if it’s only a vision at the present – it’s an immeasurable guiding light as for when we’re listening to the soul united we feel the cascading warmth that can only come from such a unique heat – and heat begins just as heat sustains – the shining sun inside cannot be seen yet it is undeniably illuminating in the most beautiful of smiles that can only set forth from complete happiness inside – from the very beginning comes this vital ingredient that gives us the freedom to savor life – and when we simply live in the way where we can hear every elegant whisper inside, the shining sun of internal silence leads us with perfecting grace – for you see the light from within is what many call the holy spirit, the light is God – and when we hear him for the first time we’ve been blessed with an unlimited gift for a lifetime as that instant feeling that comes without thought is always unfailingly and quite inspiringly right – right as rain – as rain is the giver of life – and as life is the greatest gift of all – and as we all live and thrive under the same sun, a sun for all, a sun of one, a sun within, the shining sun inside – may you live life with a luster, give with every grace and thank God for the thriving light of it all


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