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hearing the heart in a simple story…

March 12, 2013


was the wonderfully elegant feeling of it all last evening as we were blessed to begin to hear the overriding happiness of 2 lifetimes that came together one day back in 1961 – never have i been in a lighter stride than now as i’m feeling better than ever following the gifts God’s given me to be a blessing with – and with that a perfect evening came to us with the weaving of words, the grace of many smiles and even at moments the touching tale of loving tears –

my parents jim & charlotte began their lives at what would rapidly become the most unexpectedly perilous of times as world war 2 unleashed itself upon america by the time they both turned 1 – what it must have been like for my grandparents having the greatest of blessings arrive with their newborns only to be met with the greatest of uncertainty, upheaval and agonizing worry – yet as to hear it from mom and dad they recall memories from the time they were 2 years old of family life that any of us would be happy to be graced with as their parents gave them their best and set them off to fulfilling early lives –

dad remembers having the slickest of pedal pusher cars that he was granted an all-access pass with to the toddler proving grounds raceway otherwise known as his mother’s kitchen – and from the smile in his voice and the matching one on his face it was a very nice passtime indeed – and for mom she’ll never forget how nana saw her as the little darling of her loving eyes as mom shared how nana always dressed her to the nines and styled her with the prettiest hair – in fact my mother was so cute that one day in 1945 a classmate not so warmly blessed or doted after was told by the teacher to tell her mother to dress and style her hair like sweet little charlotte – how fortunate mom felt to have such a loving mother – nana was the only grandmother i ever knew and all these years later since she went to heaven in 2000 i still see her smile and nothing could ever make me happier –

i am ever so grateful mom and dad have given me yet another gift in beginning our get-togethers to share the memories of their 72 years – and with it will come a story of our family unlike any other that i’ll share with the world with the simple hope that you find a smile and sit down for an evening or 2 with your family to re-visit the happiness of the past thereby creating happiness anew for you and yours – wishing you God’s every blessing


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