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shifting into the gear of godspeed…

March 14, 2013


not only seems but is the one and only way to find your life’s calling, to find that place that’s all yours and indeed to fly with the eagles on high where only the good the great and the wonderful happen – for many before their awakening arrives these moments and signs seem ones only of coincidence and that’s fine – yet when we finally see all that is possible if only for truly connecting into our vision as given by God that’s when the perfect speed comes – and that’s a speed unlike any other as it’s faster than any we can run or ride at – it’s a speed that can halt with perfecting precision in opening our eyes to a picture along our path that gives us instant direction – it’s the speed that’s always right at every moment as if it’s guiding us and ordering our every step to exactly the right person, the right place and the right experience – this is what i’ve come to know more and more every day as i embrace letting go and instead letting God guide me forth from the visions he’s enabled in me as to best sharing the blessings he’s enriched me with – and in doing so happiness flourishes in adding whatever light i can to any others i may meet throughout every day even if only with the fleeting glimpse of a simple and sincere smile – that’s the way of elegant ease, following your heart as they say and in fact thriving in life with a never-ending glimmer – it’s there at every turn, it’s there all at once and it’s there for us all – it’s godspeed – and it’s the only speed i’ve ever needed, it’s the only speed i’ll ever run at and it’s the only speed that’ll deliver us all to our dreams – for what we can dream we can see and what we can see we can set after and what we set after can indeed be our beautifully-lived thriving lives

so quiet your mind, set a loving vision and dial it in at godspeed – then simply smile the entire way thereafter and see the good, the great and the wonderful that’s been your life for the having all along – wishing you godspeed and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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