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finding a new friend from afar…

March 16, 2013


was never even an instant of a thought nor a fleeting feeling of the greater healing that was already to be in the eyes of God – yet indeed that was exactly what was happening from the very beginning of this unexpected journey from dark to light – it was ordered as if already written in the pages of a chapter in my life entitled “sea change” – crushingly agonizing minutes that bled like days thankfully led me to find another soul who had already traveled far far and away upwardly to a place where enlightenment is never-ending, healing is ever-strengthening and new friends of a feather became family unlike any other – for where i was led by God was into a world where the greatest depths of understanding our at once stunningly fragile and exceptionally powerful mindsets can be healed and harnessed to our and everyone in our world’s immeasurably far-reaching benefit – and it’s even better than that – for changing the environment from what’s literally a flick of the switch from within is indeed having the keys to the kingdom of you – rather tantalizing is it not? – 

as to the details it’ll be my honor to help any other as best i can with what’s been so lovingly imparted into me, one need only ask – relationships with God, with yourself and with those the closest are the very foundation from where all else flows – and as to how and where the flow may be headed ultimately is created from the quality, depth and understanding at that very foundation – the more you know and weave into the ways of your days and the light of your blessings the better off you are, by far – just the same as what you lead your mind with becomes your life a la what some call the law of attraction the very same tenet has been here for our betterment for centuries from the perfecting wisdom of God’s written word – in those very pages come the simple, salient and for many sacred words “…for whatsoever a man sows so shall he also reap” (galatians 6:7)

so i say open your eyes wider than ever before and see your life for the good, for the missing and for all that in between and then simply ask of God and ask of another already ahead of you on the lighted path and run to a place better than ever before – i’ll see you there – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~ 


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