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a wee saint patty & a little fatty boombalatty…

March 17, 2013


i thought sounded just about right for serving up something simply senseless that’ll maybe deliver at least a smirk if not a smile for one and for all as we celebrate today – st. patrick’s day’s quite the essence of what it is as an american in at least some small way – i mean think about it there’s a scotsman with what we all see as an irish name that did something quite revered for the irish who ultimately left in droves well more than a century ago to arrive in america where their blood’s said to have traveled into nearly half of our population with that of those from seemingly countless other countries all these decades later to deliver us to a span of hours if not for some a few days of drinking unlike at any other time – and drinking for many across the world is the tie that binds us all together is it not? – yes love is really the way yet who doesn’t love a perfectly poured fresh guinness with the wondrous shamrock so aptly stamped into the head? –

so in the midst of the jovial recess and excess all about the states today let’s remember our dear old friend maewyn succat as he originally hailed from kilpatrick scotland all the way back in 387 and celebrate the good that he did in endeavoring to share christianity with the loving words of God – for as one of ireland’s other fantastic exports so brilliantly sings “in the end there’s nothing more to life than love is there?” – so i say thank you snow patrol and thank you saint patrick and as always thank you God for all of the good, the great and the amazing that you so graciously and lovingly give us day after day after day – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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