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measured moved and made all the better by it…

March 20, 2013


amounts to the silver lining that can always seem to be found when we simply give way to rest reflect and renew ourselves in the aftermath of any number of gamechangers that may present themselves from one day to the next – it’s a rather precarious balance that seems to satisfy most of us in desiring a relative certainty in our days yet what i’ve come to learn is that we can truly thrive and ascend far higher than we might imagine in keeping a mindset that change is indeed good and a lifeblood to living life well –

however for the many of us we tend to fall victim to the smoke and mirrors of it all as the present cultural forces tell us in one way or another and in relentless fashion do this do that then do this some more and so on to the degree that we’ve given away our very freedom mistakenly thinking we have it all – in fact they have it all as they have you wrapped around their little finger so much of the time in such subtle fashion that we’ve become amazingly rigid unfeeling and disabled to our greater societal detriment – just look at how many of us drive like pathetically egotistical losers these days as if no one else matters – that my friends is the bad side of being clueless to where we all should be from one day to the next living in a truly lighted way –

for when we take it all in stride at godspeed and count it all as good never giving away our joy we can live from one second to the next as we’re intended to – and that’s all we really have, that’s where it’s at – that’s where we can see ourselves and where we are and where we can be as gifted by God – we can feel that feeling unlike any other where the light from within shines with an incomparable warmth guiding us perfectly to the right place in the right time – and when we follow that vision and feel that feeling we can’t help but gain in all the right ways – 

so i say never fail to see with the measure of God, feel with all he’s blessed you with and by all means share with abundance the blessings of bettering lessons that’ll surely benefit us all – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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