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with a simple picture it all began…

March 22, 2013


some 3 years ago when i didn’t even realize what was being seen so captivatingly so – a loving eye saw and so perfectly captured a moment of love when all was right and all was exceptionally peaceful – it was a time where the colors met one another with a distinctive and flowing elegance as if they were designed at the same time and lifted from the very same shelf – sometimes these quiet places of uninterrupted harmony can give us a sense of all that really matters as our words have gone silent, our eyes have eased to gentle and our minds have turned to that light blue where only happiness resides – it’s at this very time when all the love shines forth even if it cannot be seen – it’s at this same time when love finds love even with only an adoring glance – in simple it’s an attraction that’s perfectly unbreakable – and what i’ve found is that we can all live inside this sanctified space if only we begin to see that it all is and can always be exactly what we see and select to be in our lives – yet that’s the fleeting and almost invisible disconnect where so many have missed and fall into the same over and over again –

so what about for you? – can you see the serenity all at once? – can you see it hear it and say a salient word or 2 to yourself and be there all at once? – thankfully i’ve learned to find my place no matter where i might be and it’s a grace like no other – and ever so fortunately by the grace of God it’s there for us all –

for what i see in a simple picture that was seen so lovingly by another is the very essence of love with the 2 of us asleep right next to one another, aspen in a tight little curl and myself head to the side lying oh so comfortably front-side down together on our wonderful carpet of majestically candy-striped colors, both of us with not a care in the world sleeping in beautiful peace – simply said aspen & myself had fallen asleep and all at once in a well-timed glance she saw all the love that was and with an instant click of the camera this love became timeless and forever – wishing you all the blessings of God ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~

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