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the lonely laughter of yesterday…

March 24, 2013


at times is just the right tonic as it’s the gift we must give ourselves when it seems crying would be so much better – and just the same there’re the moments when crying’s the way that surely leads to the balance of laughter we all so critically need in our lives – the catch as just said at times is that highly elusive balance – that’s where it all happens isn’t it? –

images & words in a world for one we call ourselves give us the freedom to set sail in any direction we see fit yet why do we tend to see anything less than the best we can imagine as well why do we ever breathe life to any words other than those born of love? – for some it’s simply the time of day and for some it’s their very mindset that’s either lined in silver and sewn with gold or it’s clouded and closed-in with never-ending walls – and there’s the deciding difference we’ll all do well to realize as to where we’re giving way to residing at –

is it everything from the outside that you’ll follow like a blinded soul or is it you leading the way with God’s light from within – for us all it’s certainly one or the other and for me for most of the way these days it’s thankfully the latter – yet every so often comes a dreary day like today literally flooding with liquid depression in an unending rain that for many leaves us on the setting of gray – and on a day like this what’s invaluable to have in our every waking moment’s the awareness that it’s us dialing in the settings – in other words we get to set the controls of whether we smile and set about with ease or whether we lay down at the mercy of what’s going on with anything less than the light, bright and colorful we can always decide to paint our way with –

it’s all up to you – get heavy, traipse about and remember a distant love faraway family and echoing laughter that once was or see in your mind what gives you that thriving feeling of your days all coming with the best of everything the world already has set aside just for you as led from above by the ever-present grace of God – it’s simply 2 stations, the one that bleeds you dry or the other where all the bleeding already happened long ago to give us the gift of everlasting life – and i for one see that everlasting life as replete with all the best even better than anything i can imagine – so yes i’ve cried and some of it just yesterday yet with the gift of words and with all that’s been so lovingly given to me by others i found that balance and from it came the light once again – so here’s to you bringing me back to the best of me right where i’m the happiest – thank you, thank you very much indeed – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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