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the games people play…

March 26, 2013


when they’re shooting from the hip sometimes seem to the one leading the game as satisfying as the perfect shot yet they’re the one being taken down in the end – a stunning level of blind feeling‘s always getting the better of them until often times it’s simply too late to do anything to engage reverse and return to balance – for you see there’s a hidden world in our minds we all can awaken to should we only look at ourselves in the mirror with unfailing honesty – if we settle down and fix a gaze for a minute or two we’ll find that many of us will see a picture unlike maybe we’ve ever seen before – and it’s right there in an instant where we can begin to recover our lives as you’ll feel better even with that very first step to redemption –

and then there’s that deceptive and descending path of do what feels good that so many of us fall into face-first and for some forever – that path’s the one where our friends unaware of this world of over-eager emotions that’ll trap us like a beast of burden cheer us on to do like them and do like what society and culture ingrains in us as normal – that’s called the caring angry-friend scam and a scam of the grandest ill-design it truly and crushingly is –

and that’s absolutely never the place to be as that’s the place where you lose yourself, you lose touch with the gifts God‘s blessed you with and you finally lose a sense of any real peace – you lose it all when you live where it seems comfortable and sedated with others who in fact are masquerading about as if all is normal in their wayward and wary worlds of constant regret – this was me when i was blind to the lot of it – doing what felt right often wasn’t as ultimately and quite ineffectively i lived as a smiling prisoner of the lesser qualities of my adolescence –

it was a tremendous loss and suffocating pain that led me to where i’ve been needing to arrive for many years and now by the grace of God it’s all happening – and it all became possible when i was gifted with an immeasurably invaluable path to enlightenment that opened my eyes for the very first time –

i began to comprehend the inner workings of what our emotions will do when they run us and trust me they do unless you’ve been likewise gifted with the knowledge of how to run them to everyone’s gain thereby you ultimately leading your mind instead of the other way around, even more so when you’re dialed into the holy spirit

inside our heads the world of chemically-validated feelings is misleading and highly destructive when you’re unaware of how it all works – it can effectively run you around as if you’re in an unending passive nightmare if not worse –  you can’t wish it away, you can’t try a new setting, a new person or even a new hair color as none of it works and in fact only delays your epiphany – and what you’ll find with the most redeeming of tears is that your time‘s been there from the very beginning awaiting to give you a world of your own design filled with the best God has already laid out just for you –

it’s an endeavor unlike any other you’ve ever undertaken yet i know you’ll find it to be the most unexpectedly liberating happiness well beyond anything you may have ever imagined  before – so where do you begin? – with God first, with the love of yourself secondly and by all means with steady enlightenment from the greatest minds and bodies of work about our human psychology that’ll forever enhance the quality of your life – i continue every day to find it in lightworkers such as joel osteen, deepak chopra and larry bilotta whom all have given me a life i wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world –

so here’s to wishing you the courage to say your sick and tired of being sick, tired and angry as well as wishing you the very same courage to see yourself as never before as you come back to the start and to the good life, your good life, designed just for you compliments of your God-given vision – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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