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into the mirror and into the mind…

March 28, 2013


and what do you see, what do you hear and what do you find? – that’s where we have it all in the palm of our hand all in an instant – and it’s either a flash that’ll deliver you with a flourish or a jolt of a strike that’ll likely break you if you let it – either way you’re running the show as it’s all in the mind or what we call the imagination – no matter what the second your in’s bringing you nonetheless you get to be the one giving the meaning to it – and with us being unaware of the power in that same simple decision anything negative will instead tend to take us down – however being lifted up is always the very real reality that’s there for the taking – for as much as it seems flighty and out of reach it’s there at every turn – it’s all in the imagination and what we decide to let in when our world’s not looking so pretty –

for you see the imagination is quite the complex kid and like a child with all the wonder in the world we can lead it and likewise our very selves – the work of the greatest minds we have in science have found there’s a precision in the way we’re all wired – and it all stems from what we see – have you ever noticed how nice we feel when everything around us is just the way we like it? – it’ a fantastic feeling isn’t it? – well here’s what happening –

we all have a tiny part between our eyes called the amygdala and what it does is it makes a connection with the present reality and something in our memory so if it’s all happy we’re all good as the central nervous system follows the lead of what we see happy and bad just the same – and if we’re feeling bad we tend to behave in some similar fashion all to our constant failing – the brilliance of this finely flowing system is that in that same instant of far less than a second we are always holding the controls – and that means within mere seconds we can instead slip in a slide of our liking so to speak where we send a beautiful image with our favorite sound and just the perfect words in something of a trinity fashion and you’re there and you feel it, you feel good if not great even in the face of fire because that’s how it works – and that’s a fact jack – this is how you lead the way with serenity as the one in control of the pinball machine leaving behind forever the life of the pinball we all seem to be pervaded with and indeed invaded by –

find the greatest memory in your life, see it more vividly than ever before then add meaningful words – write them down and keep them with you at all times until it’s second nature like a flick of the switch – and in any and every moment something or someone’s headed for your throat in some way shape or fashion slip in your secret weapon in a second and find godspeed just the way he designed it – without a returning fight you’ll find you’ll quickly be left in peace and that my friends is always where it’s at –

from the receiving minds of many much the wiser came this brilliant discovery that leads me with a newly found grace unlike ever before – for more detail simply find my amazingly enlightened teacher and friend by seeking out the lifework and indeed the lightwork of a great gentlemen by the name of larry bilotta – for in the common sound of his name you’ll discover the immeasurably exceptional world of living and leading life on a far higher plane than you may have ever imagined possible – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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