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he’s a pinball wizard…

March 29, 2013


and it’s getting better all of the time – headed all the way back to the year of 1969 came both the unveiling of the timeless and melodic trip into and through the mind of tommy as penned by the who as well came me – tommy’s a kid they say “…he plays by intuition…” and that’s the ticket my friend – absent of the senses of sound and vision and further stripped of the ability to even utter a word tommy nonetheless was the wizard finessing every pinball in the land as he took the lead by way of intuition as they said – well for me that’s where everything all the better than excellent happens as that intuition, that still small voice is what i see and feel with a greater surety than any other as the perfectly guiding holy spirit – it’s the big guy in the sky we so lovingly know as God

1969 thankfully also began another light that’s shining greater than ever in the ever enlightening endeavors of me, myself and i – seeing the who at the sombrero in tampa in 1989 was quite an amazing time yet little could i ever even wonder that one of their many gems in the song in the title above would become a journey for me in another light – for being the pinball wizard inside of the many minutes of a day where milestones and miracles are all at hand is indeed quite the masterful way to live –

yet how do we find ourselves in the lead of the meaning of whatever’s happening whether we ordered it or not? – ah, now that’s what we discovered in the fantastic power we all have to perceive it as we like it as written previously with “into the mirror and into the mind” – afterall how many of us run about reacting to this that and the other thing all as if they matter? – so many of us are kneejerking, flying off the handle and in fact letting ourselves be battered about exactly like a pinball getting smacked this way and that to the point if we’re not careful we’ll slip right down a hole into oblivion – and that’s not where it’s at, at all – yet that’s the slip lying in wait if we don’t take the reigns to find godspeed and reset ourselves to the foundation we all need within –

and that’s the mind we lead in a sense of calm with safety and security as its closest friends – that’s the mind that lives lightly with consistency doing your part in as large a way as you can endeavor and then some – and that’s certainly the soul given to us by God in which we feel his and all love knowing we are every bit as important and valuable as any other who has ever lived – that’s an environment changer, the game maker and by all means the pinball wizard we all need to be – so as you continue to look into that mirror seeing the loving soul you know you are or so desperately desire to be let go and let God and come up to your never-ending smile unlike ever before – we all need you! – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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