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an everlasting beginning within…

April 1, 2013


is something of a way to say for me what it means to appreciate what was done for us all when the son of God himself, Jesus, so lovingly gave his life so that we would forever have ours – it’s a gift unlike any other in which redemption meets redeemed when we see the light, follow his way and spread the good word – with the resurrection of yesterday’s easter celebration i lived a day not the same as all of the rest as a chord was definitely struck from within and for which a greater rhythm is now surely resonating –

several stories were told from within a single parish that painted a picture of all hope lost with lives of near oblivion, setbacks of crushing defeat and patterns of downwardly spiraling darkness all rearing their agonizing worst – yet one single tie and one single prayer with unwavering faith led them all to their greatest reward – not a reward of the monetary kind yet a reward far greater – for as they all gave up the way of man and instead gave in to the way of God they all received their miracle – for one it was an infant child brought back to life, for another it was a vision from running from the law to a life of leading the hearts of thousands in song and to yet several others it was the paralysis of the soul to the now God-guided life in a new found strength following the path of their blessings – for one and for all they were moved unlike ever before and with the holy spirit at hand i was moved quite the same to unexpected flowing tears of joy – for so many seeking a greater light in finding their way to the promised life in all ways God i now feel an inspiration to help in every way i can met with a far grander vision and a call of crystalizing clarity that has me smiling with exception – for there’s an unlimited font from within when we know each day’s connecting to the next with a foundation to achieve everything in our hearts – that’s the good the great and the amazing of all that is God – raise your hand to the righteous and surely you’ll be found – and when you are you’ll never look back for the good will appear unlike ever before – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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