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i remember the days of fancy…

April 4, 2013


strolling about up and down the remarkable way that is michigan avenue in the treasure of a city we all call chicago – it’s not that i hail from there yet for reasons of a lovingly recalled relationship from what seems like another lifetime i landed there quite often and with a smile a mile wide at that – there’s something very special having all the best of world-class skyscrapers, the most elegantly of appointed hotels and boutiques plus eateries unsurpassed anywhere else you may end up all right at the shore of a lake so large it seems as if it’s a private ocean just for those living there

and then to arrive on a fall day under a gleaming sunlight meeting the wind with just the right luster that’s a feeling of harmony i cannot create in any other way than to be there and simply just be – i will never forget that unique feeling of complete happiness – and as we arrived we fell right into the grace of godspeed coming into downtown at the very minute the city began celebrating the new world series champion white sox with a perfect parade that had everyone very happy –

what happened next i’ll never ever forget as a new star for the city’s world champion bulls delivered an exceptionally touching moment as we discovered an unrecognized other than by us tyson chandler in the coffee shop next to our hotel – what was so special is what he did in walking out still talking with us only to deliver a big bag full of goodies and fancy coffee drinks to a tearfully-appreciative mother and her small kids who had recently been made homeless – that was beautiful – and then finishing the days atop the hancock building more than a thousand feet into the heavens with the sparkling sounds of just the right jazz trio, the perfect aperitif in hand and a breathtaking view of one of the more spectacular sunsets one could ever see collectively said we won the game of life todaythat for me will forevermore be chicago – and from those many visits that began nearly 20 years ago many times i’ve given myself the gift of returning there at a moment’s notice with a simple trip to a perfect memory – give yourself the gift of the very same and you’ll forever be the better for it – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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