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if i ever meet a porsche…

April 6, 2013


it’ll be a moment of utter fascination – to see it from the veneer of gleaming prestige, a design of all is weller than well and then find there’s not even a hint of soul without that purified fuel we call godspeed, well that’s a sad situation – it’s a sight fettering about all with a fancy facade that’s fooling a few but certainly not all – that’s the folly in vanity in the chase for grandeur when where it’s really at’s the rarefied and rewarding air we all can breathe in a steady run with the gifts we’ve been given –

it seems that many cannot see where they are and never even wonder who and what they’ve left behind yet that’s for them to recover in their own time – when you’re the one feeling if not living on the path behind rest assured you’re really on your way more than ever before – for that’s the way of God – at first it can seem as if you’ve been left back in a lonely place blanketed in your own worst fears yet the light will come – and from what i’m finding that light’s the beginning of your very best days ahead –

metaphors to say it just the right way are many yet for me it’s like the time i first mastered my bike balancing with seeming perfection then blazing about with a great sense of accomplishment – and then i fell – and then it hurt – and then i got over it and got back on riding better than ever before – that’s the simplicity of it all – just like riding it right and knowing your on your way well that’s where we’re best to take our souls when others once in your tightest circle set asunder leaving you all but behind – that’s God’s way of saying that time’s over for now so get on with it and shine with all of everything that makes you the blessing i’ve made you to be – don’t cry too long, don’t worry at all & never look back in anger, just get on with it – and what you’ll find is that you are the porsche, the ferrari and in fact the greatest two-seater that’s ever been built – so i say get back to being who you’ve always been, open up the throttle on life and discover you’re faster than you’ve ever been before – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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