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thankful without even thinking’s…

April 8, 2013


the place i find myself in nearly every moment all the while delivering me to an evermore wonderful life with feeling precision – a fantastic friend of mine who really’s a brother from another mother said something rather prophetic to me just recently – what he said was something to the effect of life not being about a journey of unending learning but instead a steady revelation of remembering as if it’s all already written – on the surface it sounds incredibly lofty if not indeed impossibly illogical – yet it made sense to me – it wouldn’t have in any way just shy of 24 months ago and then came the second life – the second life’s been an amazing journey of intensive self-discovery that’s led me to a far far greater awareness and love for God which in turn’s delivered to me many new wonderful souls whom all have further enriched my life in ways i couldn’t ever have imagined – 

yes it has been learning yet it’s been in a manner unlike anything of convention as what i once would have seen as coincidences i’ve come to realize are instead an endless array of blessings – and these are blessings that all have come in spades every day i successfully manage to stay away from the suffocating grip i once unwittingly thought i was leading with and instead simply, graciously and happily let godspeed take the lead – 

coming into the manifesting reality of what you’re not even yet quite clear your selecting and desiring to have in your life is a stunningly enlivening and enabling experience – just barely 2 days ago in this very forum (if i ever meet a porsche…) the lead image of a domestic short-haired cat came into being simply because of the look of defining pensiveness that characterized in part what i was writing about – and then in a series of events as only God can unveil a cat of the very nearly same striking aesthetics right down to the heavy black liner drawing away from the corner of the eyes came home with me just several hours later – just days prior a cat in the rescue section nearly identical to comet whom we just lost to cancer in february stopped me in my tracks when i was trapped by heavy rains at the pet store picking up supplies – at that very moment my heart heard a chord that returning the balance of 12 years of 3 cats was the right thing for my life – so in i went on saturday fully intending to bring little april home yet she was clearly needing an outdoor existence i couldn’t help her with and then i saw her – i saw another little rescue kitten laying on her side that absolutely lit up with love the moment i turned her way – we talked together for a bit while i pet her on her fuzzy little noggin the best i could through her carrier and then i read the bio on her – everything made sense – and then i saw her name, babs, and that was it – that was the topper all because of another picture from this very forum from many days ago when once again something in the look on her face led a vintage image of barbra streisand into my world as the perfect picture for that article (into the mirror and into the mind…) – what’s been further revealing is that that very same image has captivated me for many days now to the point it’s my screensaver as well – and right at this very moment one of the most precious, precocious and perfect friends i’ve ever had, little babs, is right at my side as if we’ve been together for many years – 

so now i not only see what’s in front of me but i see it as indeed something or someone who’s been there all along simply waiting for me to remember them, bring them into my arms with an everlasting love and carry on with an even greater gathering vision and waking reality of exactly where my life is supposed to be today, tomorrow and the days and many years to come – what an amazing gift i’ve been given simply from seeking a better way, God’s way – thank you to each and every one of you who has ever invested even a few seconds to send a smile my way – my love for you as for life is all the same as with our father – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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