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flying farther higher & faster…

April 11, 2013


than you ever have before comes from arriving in a unique place that for many of us can feel rather elusive in even getting there – yet there is a there – often times we can begin to branch off in a direction that’s not of our need and not in his way and then all of a sudden something uninvited and unsettling begins to appear – and if we let it that begins to be our reality – what’s so fascinating’s that it doesn’t have to be in this fashion any longer than to the very moment we awaken and decide to return to our path – the good the great and the amazing’s at the ready all by the grace of God every time we simply turn away from the wayward and instead step along in our own direction – i’ve been finding there’re certainly at least 2 worlds we can live in and 1’s beyond compare better than the other – 

listening’s the key when we’re seeing that other than what we know is ours – as in when we’re presented with a situation or a moment that we’d rather leave we can leave in an instant if not in the physical than certainly in spirit by looking higher to the way we know in every golden thread of our being is ours – we all have this path even if you haven’t discovered yours trust in that it is there and you will see it at just the right time

as with everything we endeavor in it all stems from what and where we were when we lived as a child – the moments that made up the faster parts of the day were the best moments of our lives as they were the hours that passed as if they were mere minutes – can you remember how you smiled and bandied about without much of a care in the world? – what you were doing at that very time was a glimpse into your way in to the best life, a life replete and shining with happiness, fulfillment and accomplishment – you drew something, you built something, you sang a song, you beat a drum, you ran somewhere, you climbed up a towering tree, you wrote something – you were who you were, you are who you are, – you once were there and again you will be – and if i may say don’t delay another day, another hour, not even a minute in beginning your return to who you’ve always been and where you were always going before you got derailed – for what i’m seeing and what i’m feeling’s eclipsing years of error and returning me to my best moment after moment one day at a time – that feeling that i’m doing something that truly matters has unveiled itself for the first time in 2 decades back when wonder and effort were a gathering force i didn’t understand, didn’t appreciate and failed to harness – yet that part’s history – for the light that’s leading me now’s one that i’ll never leave ever again as i feel God’s presence and perfecting guidance with me in every way – calm’s the destination – it’s the place where you hear everything that’s right all from within – and when you do you’ll feel it, you’ll feel you’re ready to take off, ready to fly farther higher and faster all simply to be – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~



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