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living in laughter second by second…

April 14, 2013


and minute after minute’s the place inside of the mind where an everlasting dance leads the rhythm that is my life – it’s taken a trip of many turns, many loving people and amazing experiences and seemingly countless lessons in arriving back at the beginning – and what a regeneration it’s been in getting here – and here’s exactly where it all happens – here’s where vision meets the living moments with a unified spirit unlike ever before – and therein’s the greatest stride that’ll ever be found as godspeed’s set in with a thundering resonance as quiet as a single tassel of dandelion elegantly lofting about in the summer wind –

in our younger lives many filters from the world of conventionality, reason and altogether all too predictable rhyme can become an invisible anchor that much of the time’s nearly imperceptible yet is quite dramatically profound in keeping us right where we aren’t meant to be – for me i simply wasn’t seeing the way i once was all because of the way of the world getting its way – unfortunately the frailty of how we mistakenly mislead our lives often times wins the day leaving us in a losing proposition – and then for many as i did the very same we begin to settle for what is not ours and then the cover-up begins –

we cover up the failure and the fear with lifestyle medications of the like that lead us to an empty happiness found at the bottom of the fermented glass, the last crumb of a super-sized confection and even worse at the stinging penetration of a life-draining needle – thankfully i never carried further than the confection yet i was lost nonetheless –

and then there’s the life where the only fast lane you’ll ever need’s ready and waiting if you’ll only select it – finding it’s the winning move and it happens when we once again remember who we are, cast aside any fear and leave behind any and all dispiriting words and the ones that speak them – it’s then we begin to feel ourselves again if not for the very first time – and it’s right there and then you’ll connect in to the greatest gifts God’s given you and you’ll know exactly where to lead your steps anew, apart and away from the mundane that was never your calling –

i for one will be forever grateful to finally have risen again awake and alive to all the wonder, the splendor and the beauty that life can be – for me it’s all in the smiles, the laughter and an unspoken affection from new and familiar faces alike all lighting up brighter than ever before – so here’s to wishing you being well on your way with a gratitude and a grace all in the flow of godspeed – it all begins inside of a single second – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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