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find out for yourself…

April 15, 2013


whether or not you’re truly trying are words lifted directly from an absolutely beautiful composition as told so spiritedly in song by jason mraz – the song’s entitled “song for a friend” and it’s one i’m elated to have finally heard as it came out many years ago on one of his earliest records entitled “mr. a to z” – in it’s a message i’ve heard with clarity in recent times and because i now get it i’m running to a light brighter than ever – it’s a gorgeous light with every color in it and a cast wider than i can even see – it’s a light that with every step the closer i get the greater the strength becomes in the mission that is mine –

i’ve seen it, i’ve heard it and i’m most certainly now living it as every day’s delivering me an awareness deeper and more gratifying than the one before – and the gifts that are coming are everything small and large alike just the same as they are both here in my hands and definitively invisible in my mind –

as with all of life fear’s a self-sustaining reality every ounce the same as freedom’s the way to living as God’s designed you to do in just your own way – when you begin to see the 2 ways what you’ll find is that you and you alone have the way up out and beyond all in the palm of your hand as led by the driver in your spirit, and that of course is God – He’s the one from which came every gift you have – he set them in your heart – he led you to the teachers that have given them further life – and he’s empowered you as the child of God who you are who is at once loved important and valuable to both create and receive a vision that is uniquely yours –

and no matter what we must never decide differently as it’ll surely and ultimately suffocate your soul – for some you may decide to make a sea change right here and now and for others you may take just the slightest of steps in returning to the essence of who you are – whichever way you take measure you will begin to shine and you’ll certainly “find out for yourself whether or not you’re truly trying” – and as jason further perfectly paints the journey in the flowering of the soul “why not give it a shot? shake it. take control and inevitably wind up finding for yourself all the strengths that you have inside of you” – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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