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the formula 1 of me…

April 17, 2013


unveils a vision of a track of the grandest design matched with picturesque perfection delivering to me nearly everything i need – on it’s a field of enthusiastic spectators all excited with an exceptional thrill awaiting to be unbridled at just the right time – and then there’s the winding path that’s seen with clarity from a mile high that only comes into reality face to face once the race officially gets underway – and there’s the gathering and thunderous feel of the penetrating piston-blasting sound of dozens of the finest engines all at the ready to run their best right along one another side-by-side with an adept precision greater than nearly any other – and then there’re the drivers all in their peak state ready to give of their gifted best all for a chance to say look at me, look what i can do and i hope this gives you a smile –

well that’s certainly one way to look at the captivating beginning of to me what’s the greatest stage for racing anywhere in the world – at the same time it’s a rather vivid and accurate metaphor i strive to live within more and more every single day i’m blessed to have another take at being my best –  the gifts i’ve been given vary from those of the brilliant drivers in formula 1 yet the framework’s one in the same given the vision i’m in – for me it’s finally underway with the lightest of lead feet and what i’d say is that perfecting godspeed – new surprises of the gift-wrapped variety keep arriving with every added thread i receive in my vision – i never really see exactly when they’re coming yet they are and they have been and i’m smiling inside and out every bit the same – and from there it’s all happening – that perfect race that’s already been won by you as it’s already been written by God is right there at your fingertips – can you see it? – ready to shine and show everyone the amazing gift of you? – we are – wishing you vision, wisdom & God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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