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she’s never been just a woman…

April 19, 2013


says it altogether in just the right fashion for one wonderful lady we know as the 12th child – she’s the 12th and an exceptional one whose lived a life of discovery creating a journey that’s seen a step if not many a million in many a direction with some of it literally on an exhilarating edge – finding her way’s been a mission that’s led her into the loving embrace of godspeed of late far better than ever before – the children calling her mother are both of the golden quality that’ll leave a lasting impression of the very essence of love – her friends all look at her with the kindest of eyes that at times are never even seen by her – she’s at once striking in her beautiful appearance and elegantly tender in her loving heart – when we’re with her we can feel the passion for life she gives out in seeking the best for others –

for all of her life she’s never been loved like she’s feeling it now is what she said so tearfully to me on the way back last evening and i’ll forever feel these loving words with the perfect embrace as only possible inside of my heart – she’s not one to come to tears but very rarely and she’s working on that and if she never does again the memory of last night will shine for a lifetime – tears of complete happiness from the inside out came with a grace and a gratitude very few ever manage to carry on with –

she is a woman of God with a love unending and unsurpassed everything the same – she’s a sister with compassionate esteem – she’s a gifted giver of love in the very words she speaks so softly with such simplicity – she’s been the redeeming love of my life i never felt would ever come again – she’s my perfect friend who at once lifts me higher, makes me laugh and makes me a far better man than i ever knew i could be – melanie you’re the one i love and you’re a treasure to us all and for that i say thank you – wishing all of you the very same love and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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