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apathy, empathy and the sad symphony…

April 21, 2013


seems to be the way of the world in our lives far more than ever before – and it has to change – it has to change for the sake of it’s’ not right we let it go on, it’s not fair to any of us who care to care and tantamount to all it’s a senseless and self-inflicted lethal violation of the golden rule – it’s not the way of God as it’s a lagging mindset that sees the individual first and i fear far too often foremost at that – it’s a lie to us all and it’s being told by far too many – it’s being accepted by far too many – and it’s being suffered by each and every one of us – we’ve seemed to reach a state of affairs in present day society where not enough of us are taking notice of what’s going on around us – we’re not giving the right attention to the ones ending up in the wrong place with the worst of intentions and far too often with the deadliest of success –

yes we live in a free society yet we all know there is no such thing as freedom at a hundred percent – and to me part of that means that we don’t get to run about anti-socially or carry on with a thinly veiled agenda of proliferating extremist ideologies with a staying-to-ourselves attitude – that doesn’t cut it – it’s further not ok that our policing system doesn’t provide for taking these people off of the streets and into medically qualified observation as it once was – we’re not doing anywhere near enough –

and it’s patently obvious each and every time another debilitating death-laden disaster unfolds whether it be yet another pathetic school shooting by someone who was already clearly out of their mind, the same obviously darkened mind offing anyone they can at their former office or now one of our grandest cities being shut down because of at least 2 terrorists of the worst fashion – these 2 were given political asylum, immediate monetary benefit, citizenship, scholarship and opportunity greater than that of anywhere else in the world to only end up causing utter chaos and deadly devastation to the ones who gave them favor – that’s an ender – no longer can we sit back withering away in body, spirit and moral irresponsibility – it’s this entirely unacceptable apathy that’s invaded our great land – it’s this very same apathy that helps allow those on their evil missions to run right along with uninterrupted certainty –

and then comes their 15 seconds that for their victims is a fatality of forever – and then comes the interviews of oh they were quiet and kept to themselves and oh they seemed to be nice boys – really? –

the best of community’s an amazing experience to witness yet we must return to seeing it proactively upfront – in this way we give ourselves a far better opportunity to know the pulse of our neighborhoods from the tiniest of towns to the largest of cities which are after all simply a collective of neighborhoods tightly knit together – it’s further in this way that we’ll all know one another and therein know who might need attention so they don’t end up seeking it suddenly through a blaze of gunfire with 24/7 glorification as they see it and unfortunately and effectively end up receiving it – and then what are we left with after the empathy and the tears? – questions and fears which gives way to what? – what will we do? – what will you do differently?

it’s all in the mirror as to what we see and what we’re blinding ourselves to – it wasn’t in my backyard as it was for those lost and paralyzed in boston yet the feeling was at once the same – this is the best way i know to try to help with what God has gifted me with in a flowing way of words yet i’m listening as to how i can do and be even more to help return this wonderful country to where we once rightfully were – we need you too – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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