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when the entire world’s your friend…

April 23, 2013


there’s rarely if ever a lonely moment even when you’re all by yourself – that’s the stunning reality of the world we live in where words can be drawn out of seemingly thin air only to fall into place in the space herein and with the coloring of  just the right images a message from the heart flys off to the rest of the world with the simple and subtle tap of the publish key – and for me this is a gift unlike any other as the moments, the lessons and all of the gathering blessings are finding second lives and at times touching lives one at a time all across the world – it’s a fantastic feeling to share what’s been a good thing in my life in the perfect hope that someone else can gain from it in some positive way, shape or fashion – it’s the one day in the future having already arrived and i’ll never look back to when it wasn’t –

so this time around it’s the shorter and the sweeter in simply saying thank you to anyone so graciously giving me a minute or 2 of their lives in seeing if we might connect if only for the once yet maybe for a lifetime – it’s a validation of the mission in my soul –  and you’re delivering me key by key and day after day into the greatest time of my life – so once again i say here’s to wishing every one of you the blinding perfection of living life at godspeed ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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