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driven to be giving…

April 25, 2013


is all that really matters in what means the most to me in life – and to that point my eyes are truly wide open for the first time – i’m seeing the beautiful people in my life with a greater love than i’ve ever known can be felt for another – i’m feeling a sense of thankfulness for all the good, the great and the amazing that’s coming with the fastest of godspeed – blessings light the way from start to finish from one day to the next and with exceptional certainty they’re expanding well beyond what i can ever imagine – creativity’s revealing its splendor in the vision that’s taking shape ever so perfectingly both in mind and in the very breath of my reality just the same – many wonderful people have given me so much of their very best in listening to me, in leading me to enlightenment and in sharing their hearts in caring for and loving me so much – and for them one and all i see and pray for the very best of God’s greatest blessings –

finding happiness at every turn wasn’t always what i was seeing as not long ago there was  an emptiness and an invading sadness that seemed as if they’d never leave – and then with the grace of God came the right teachers, the right friends and even 2 that became a new brother and a new sister – they all lifted me up helping me see all the good that already was even in the face of a temporarily yet drastically lessened life that was happening with crushing repetition –

and then came a light like never before and a voice and a feeling – and i began to hear again like i once had before – yet for the very first time i understood who i was hearing how and why – the door to my life as i’d once seen it began opening once again ever so slowly and with the best of knowing and reassuring feeling – some say i just had a feeling and some say it’s intuition yet i know with certainty i’m connecting into God with the holy spirit as He’s designed us all to do and it is completely amazing – so as the desire to give became the lead in all that i am and in all that i endeavor in i’m finding myself living the happiest life i ever have in giving every word of healing hope and inspiration i can draw upon in every way possible – and for that i’m endlessly thankful – wishing you vision, wisdom and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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