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the serenade i see…

April 26, 2013


is how it’s all happening so far on this new day of wonder, grace and fulfillment – with the sounds we’re surrounded by we’re delivered images and feelings just the same – the beauty lies in what we select to make of it all instead of letting anything come what may in our imaginations as is often if not always the way when we know no differently – so there we have it, here’s today’s weather in which we have no hand in the making of – yet we really do as the world of infinite possibilities is ours for the taking – it is for each and every one of us and it all always begins with how we decide to take in what’s being painted around us from one moment to the next – 

it’s the early dawn of a very quiet morning as the wind’s headed in just the right way and then the one little and loveliest of lovely little birds begins to sing hello to the first light of another blessing we call the new day – that’s what i heard and that’s how it all came to be seen in my mind with not even a glance of vision underway as i was still under the covers in the happy place of not quite asleep yet not quite about to get up either – 

and then came the saw and a mighty saw it was with the renovation at the neighbors becoming instantly, loudly and fully engaged for another day of what has already been many and still is quite many more to come – it’s the sound of progress as surely as it’s also an ear-splitting disaster of an endlessly high-speed radiating cut – it’s the gathering of decibels in shattering volume that i’m far better off to hear as if it’s eddie van halen fiercely lacerating every string of an innocent guitar in the midst of their wonderful hello to the world entitled eruption – and so i did –

and then as will happen within the flow of music one song leads me to another and right into the moment of this writing it became listening to a band that’s been so personally captivating to me with their endearing melodies, their lived-more-than-a-lifetime-already lyrics and the uniting hand they uniquely offer to me as a fellow brother of mainly irish descent – and so played snow patrol – 

the 3 came together with an elegantly directing hand as if andre previn himself was at the lead of the grandest of symphonies on the prettiest evening one could ever hope for – that’s where i am and that’s where we’ll always be headed when we see life with the brightest of eyes with everything that happens whether it was ours or what we were given to make our own – the delicate little songbird, an interrupting saw of the highest discord and the perfect song or 2 from an amazing band all have given me another day that is mine to be the blessing with as that’s just as God’s designed it to be – wishing you the very same and God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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