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a parading memory…

May 1, 2013


into a vivid and exquisitely vibrant life of some of the most wonderful colors of the past is returning me to a very welcome reality in the present – and a present it absolutely is – what i’m finding in the last many days and weeks is a rush of memories dancing about as if the very best music of my mind is playing once again – and with that i’m amazed – the time of my life’s all beginning to merge into one as it seems it’s always been written to be – and it’s happening in pieces and places in one day and into the next – there’s a gathering synergy with more and more of everything that i see – it’s a picture from a vision that’s better than the highest of high-definition and it’s my life – i’m discovering new friends with a crystal clear purpose from the very moment we met – ever so steadily the pages of the opening chapter of the rest of my life are flowing into a fantastic story one after the other –

feeling truly alive’s where i’ve arrived and there’s nothing but the good, the better and the best lying ahead with where i’m living – and it’s all happening by the grace of God as i’ve come to truly see the peace and harmony in his ways all the while leaving many of mine behind – there’s been a recurring theme in the recent months where a left curve from life as they say’s come my way more than once or twice yet for the very first time in my life i’ve welcomed them mainly with open arms and God in return for my faith has gifted me in many ways many times over  – one of the greatest of these gifts has been in meeting you all as i feel if we met in some picturesque cafe with perfect serendipity – and with these writings now reaching into at least 14 countries i’m feeling more in synchronicity with the blessings i’ve been given than ever before – i’ve finally seen the light that’s always been just behind the door and with that the world’s been saying hello – and in forever grateful return i’ll share everything i can in helping any of you do just the same in opening yours – so come along and live your life at the speed of God and see for yourself, your best self, in the best life you’ll ever discover – wishing you God’s every blessing ~rettingerrockfiles/RRF~


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